Tuesday, July 1, 2014


So I have figured out what to blog about. And I know that it isn't completely original BUT it will be something that keeps me busy, which is a good thing. Having an actual direction, and not just saying that oh I'm going to blog seems like a much better plan. So each week I am going to try something that I find on pinterest. It could be anything, from a recipe, craft, or who knows what else. I have so many thing that I pin that I want to try and I never get around to. But I'm going to get around to them now. Starting here in the very near future. I would say right now, but I have family coming into town, so I know that nothing is going to get done while they are here. We will all be too busy catching up and doing nothing. Which sounds amazing.

A post about something with strawberries will be coming soon though. We've gone to the strawberry patch twice in the past couple weeks and picked just under 18lbs worth of strawberries. I have to find things to do with them. So stay tuned. There is posts coming. And I'm sure that some week will just be ranting, or random thoughts, but I'll attempt to stay focused. Though that doesnt seem to be my forte. We will see. :)

Speaking of strawberry picking, I've decided that it is amazing. My daughter LOVES it. Which is a giant win. Its active, its outside, and she asks to go. Sounds perfect. Luckily for us Dugualla Bay Farms is right down the road from us. They have the BEST ice cream that I have ever tasted, and if you watch for their specials you can get the U-Pick strawberries for 99cents a pound, which is why we picked so many. I froze our entire first batch, which was 9 lbs. I'm probably going to freeze most of this second batch as well, after making at least one tasty treat. And probably some more yogurt muffins, because those were super tasty.

Enjoying the fantastic ice cream

Our haul from the first day. It was great. I wish I had taken pictures the second time, but I just never got around to it.

Baby wearing the entire time we picked the first time did NOT go over very well. It made it really hard to pick, and I ended up really sore. But little man slept the whole time, which was a good thing. The second time we used the stroller for him, and that worked out much better.

Lillian just loves her strawberries. I think she would live on them if I let her. At least she likes healthy things, instead of candy and junk food.

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