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Beyond My Dragon's Love by: P. T. Macias

2500x1800Prince Landon Dracostar (1)
Author- P.T. Macias
Title- Beyond My Dragon’s Love
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The dragon roars, fumes, and blazes! He's tired of the dragonettes' deceit. The restless Prince takes a leave from his duties and journeys to the Earth realm in search of his mate.
Young, beautiful orbit engineer is forced to seduce the prince to hand over to the royal bitch, unknowingly betraying her mate. Her life takes a turn and she commits treason beyond her dragon's love.
Attention***** Suitable for readers 18+. Book contains hot steamy sex, adult content, descriptive sex scenes, and action.
A few days later, the Hell’s Night club is full of lovely young mystical beauties and Landon sits at the bar stool, watching them dance. He taps his right hand fingers on the countertop, to the beat of the blaring rock music. He turns to the right and stares into the blue eyes of a black haired werewolf.
Yeah, I’ve danced with her and she’s lovely but no connection. He smiles at her as she sways to the music. She turns around and walks away, smiling.
A tall lovely Archaica walks towards Landon. Her hips sway softly and seductively with each graceful step, exposing a long sexy leg as the side slit parts up to her right hip. Her black fitted dress drapes softly over her curves. The sweetheart bodice pushes up her breasts, creating sexy cleavage and fullness. Her creamy breasts are showcased like pearls. The dress thin straps run up and over her shoulders, then weave down her back in a sexy pattern.
She smiles at him as she approaches the bar. She gazes into his eyes, smiling a small sexy smile. Fucking hell, yeah, I have to have a drink because I hate what I have to do. Geeze, this is unreal. Marybeth, Lisa, and Helen have tried but failed. He doesn’t want to go to the hotel room. I requested time to study him and I know that he has noticed me.
Landon, nods at her. Hell, she’s beautiful and I’ve been watching her for a few days. Oh hell, my body wants her badly.
His beautiful glowing green eyes glance down her gorgeous body. He clenches his jaw, and shifts his aching cock. He takes a drink of his whiskey, watching her approach.
Heather smiles confidently. She’s on a mission. She reaches him, and slides onto the stool. She turns to Mace the bartender. “I would like a Whiskey.”
Landon inhales deeply, exploding into blazing hunger. Fucking hell, her scent is simply intoxicating. Hell, she seizing my soul, and branding my blood. I feel her, I’m connecting and she’s knows it. Fucking hell, I’m so ready for her. I can’t fucking believe it! She’s my mate! She’s an Archaica! Well, she’s similar to a human.
Yeah, he’s a dragon, I can smell his amazing scent. Hell, he smells delicious. She closes her eyes and inhales his scent, shuddering. Hell, a delicious blazing surge flows all over my body.
Heather pushes her black hair over her shoulder with a shaky hand. What the hell does this mean? This is incredible and unreal. I need to drink this Whiskey because my body is on fire.
She takes a drink enjoying the burn as it flows down her throat, merging with her boiling blood. Hell, I’m so hot and my body is ready for him. I need him. I know it.
Landon turns towards her and he leans in close. He gazes into her beautiful huge violet eyes. I can’t believe it! She has incredible violet eyes.
He continues to gaze into her eyes gauging her feelings. “I know you feel it because I can feel your heart beat. I can smell your sweet intoxicating scent, and I know you’re ready for me.” He looks down at her sweet red heart-shaped lips.
Heather eyes open wider, startled. Her long black eye lashes spread over her eyebrows. “You don’t waste any time do you?” She bites her lower lip to control her amusement.
He looks up to gaze into her eyes, falling into her soul. “Honey, do I need to? You know it, you feel it, and your sweet pussy wants me. You’re my mate and I’m not going to fight it.” He leans a little closer to inhale her intoxicating, spicy arousal. Hell, my cock is going to explode. He closes his eyes and clenches his jaw.
She watches him clench his jaw, controlling his emotions. “Well, hell, tell me your name.”
He opens his glowing emerald green eyes, he nods at her. “Landon Dracostar. My beautiful mate, what’s your name?” He slowly takes her left hand in his. He rubs his thumb over the pulsing veins on her wrists. He closes his eyes, nodding, exuding his emerald green smoke with his bonding scent.
Heather shakes, takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. Oh hell, what should I do? Everything he said is so incredible and true. This is fucking unexpected. And what the hell. He’s my mate, and I’m supposed to hand him over? Hell no! What can I do? She urgently takes another swallow of her drink, finishing it off. She turns to the bartender for more.
Landon leans in closer to her, his face a few inches away from her left cheek. His hot breath causes a sweet shiver throughout her body. “Honey, your name. Please don’t torment me.”
She turns her head slightly to gaze into Landon’s glowing emerald-green eyes. Fucking wow. He’s gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. I never believed in mates but hell now I do. This is incredible! “Heather Mach.”
He nods, leans in closer, and whispers in her ear. “My hot mate, I love your name. I want to dance with you and hold you close.”
Heather shudders and nods, closing her eyes. Hell, I can’t walk away from him even if I want to. There’re two fucking titanic reasons forcing me to continue. He’s my mate and that damn General is watching me. I feel like a traitor for what I’m going to do. Yeah, I’m going to betray my mate. Hell, fucking hell, this hurts.
“Let’s dance, please.” Landon whispers in her ear. He inhales her delicious scent, shuddering. He pulls her hand, slides off the stool, and turns to gaze into her tormented, confused eyes. “Honey, it’s ok. You’re my mate.”
Heather blinks her yes, rapidly, to stop the tears then nods. What in sweet deity am I going to do? If I refuse they won’t only imprison me but also get someone else to seduce him. I’m going crazy here.
She slides off the stool and follows him onto the dance floor. She walks into his arms, sighing. Oh hell, this is simply heaven. She trembles as he pulls her closer to him.
This is incredible, fucking incredible. I’m going to take her home in a few flashes. I can’t wait much longer. He leans in to rest his head next to hers. He closes his eyes, and turns his head to rest his lips against her neck.
Heather slides her arms up his shoulders to his neck. She wraps her arms around his neck to pull him closer. They sway in sync to the music. For a few moments, they enjoy the new experience and knowledge of being mates.
“Landon, what are you doing here on the earth realm?” She whispers into his ear. She buries her face at the base of his neck, inhaling his delicious scent and trembles.
Hell, what can I say? That I was sick of fucking around and I was desperate to meet my mate. “Honey, honestly, I’m taking a break from my duties. What about you? Aren’t you far from home? Are you working on a mission?”
Heather closes her eyes as she gasps for air, desperate to remain confident and casual. Her heart beat increases, the pulsating vein on her neck evidence of her distress.
Fucking hell, she’s totally out of control. I can feel her erratic heartbeat at the vein against my lips.
“Landon, yes. I’m on a mission. I’m the Gliderspike Flash obit engineer.” She inhales his scent, shuddering. Fucking wow, I’m so stoked with his scent. I so wish that we were meeting under different circumstances. Fucking wow! My heart feels heavy. It’s agonizing to think of what I have to do, and I’m consumed by guilt. She closes her eyes tight to stop the tears.
Landon moves his lips near her left ear. “Honey, it’s ok. There isn’t anything to worry about. We’re mates and I’m not going to let you go. Heather, you’re my eternal mate.” He releases his bonding scent with his emerald green smoke, surrounding her.
Heather turns her face into his neck, inhaling his bonding scent. I love his scent.
“I want to kiss you.” He holds her closer. I know she can feel my throbbing cock.
She nods, moves her head slightly to allow him access to her lips. She moans into his mouth when he takes a deep searching kiss.
Hell yes, fucking yes. She completes me, my soul. And my dragon is ecstatic. This is what I’ve been searching for.
He devours her mouth, releasing his bonding scent with his emerald green smoke. His tongue sucks hers and explores every little crevice.
Amazing, simply amazing. Hell, his scent is drugging me. I can feel his hot cock burning against my pussy. Hell, yes I want him. Heather pulls back, a little dazed, and gazes into his beautiful passionate, glowing emerald-green eyes.
“Not here.” She whispers, searching his eyes. “Take me home.”
Landon clenches his jaw, nods. “Honey, let’s walk outside.” Fucking hell, I have to make sure that my aura disappears instantly. I don’t want anyone tracking me home. I don’t like this feeling I have. I trust her but something is off. My gut feeling is never off.
She closes her eyes, nods. Yeah, I know that it will be difficult for the General and his warriors to track. I’m going to make it difficult for the General to catch my mate. I’m don’t know what they want him for.
He takes her hand and laces their fingers, then pulls her close to his side. They walk across the room weaving around the dance floor, out into the hallway, and out into the dense mist.
He stops outside the door and smiles down at her. “Honey, I’m not letting you go.” He leans down to kiss her as he holds her tight. Hell, yeah. Our auras will merge into one, making it difficult to track.
He continues to kiss her deeply and holds her tight as he teleports to several different areas around the vicinity of Hell’s Night club. He teleports around the city, and finally he teleports into his room.
Fucking yes. She’s here in my room and soon will be in my bed. My mate is finally in my arms.
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About The Author
P.T. Macias (Patricia), resides in Sacramento, California with her loving husband, children, and family. She adores her four beautiful grandchildren. She was born and raised in San Jose, California.
Patricia loves going on cruises, concerts, white peaches, pistachio ice cream, and margaritas. She’s an avid reader and enjoys reading romance paranormal intrigue suspense thrillers.
She loves writing about drama, suspense, and intrigue. She throws in a dash of love and passion. Patricia is intrigued with the different types and depths of love. Love is powerful and motivates an individual. She’s fascinated with the physiological, spiritual, and psychological process that love creates. The range and facets of love an individual is capable of feeling is what she strives to illustrate in her stories.
Patricia loves the paranormal genre. She finds this genre an exciting challenge and enjoys writing about the sexy vhampiers, werewolves, dragons, and other entities. Her greatest thrill in writing the paranormal genre is the limitless range of characteristics, powers, and weaknesses available to develop the characters' and entities' realms.
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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Nadine West August 2015

Nadine West is a clothing subscription service. Nadine West is completely free, unless you keep an item. You only pay for what you keep. There is no subscription fee or anything else. Each month you are sent 1 top, and 2 pieces of jewelry. The prices for each item varies, but I have yet to see something more than $25, which makes it pretty affordable for the most part. 

It comes in pretty pink package, just like Ipsy does. 

Inside your outfit is wrapped in pretty pink tissue paper. 

This month I received a pair of purple, green, and silver earrings. They were very cute, but not something I can ever see myself wearing. They kind of reminded me of an easter egg. I sent them back. 

This turquoise necklace was gorgeous, but again, not something I can see myself wearing. So I didnt keep it either. 

This pink top was very cute. Extremely thin but cute. 

I especially loved the back detail. It was way too small in the arms though. I felt like my arms were going to fall off it was so tight. I was extremely sad to have to send it back because it was so nice. 

My second shirt was also very cute. I do feel that a tank top in August was a little strange. I've been packing up all of my summer stuff since were getting into fall, and so I couldnt see spending any money on a tank top.

It did have really cute back detail as well, but it was a tad bit too short for me. 

This month I didnt keep anything. There just wasnt anything that fit right, or was my style. I'm hoping that next month I'll get something that I can actually keep. This was the first month that I had ever received two shirts, and I kind of liked it. It was nice having a second chance to find something that I was really going to like. 

I enjoy getting my Nadine West package every month, though I do wish that I would actually get some items that I like. It feels like I give feedback every month, and yet I still dont receive anything that really fits my style. I am hoping that once winter comes I start getting things that I like. I'm a sucker for a cute sweater. 

I definitely think that Nadine West is worth at least trying, considering that its free if you dont like anything. And you at least have a chance to try something that you normally wouldnt pick out for yourself. I'll continue receiving mine for a couple more months at least. 

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Chemex is code for awesome

I love coffee. Love love love. I could live on coffee. I'm not even joking. I run on coffee. 

Now, normally, I use my keurig. Because its easy. Its quick. It requires very little effort or thought, which is a very good thing when I wake up in the morning with the kids and need my caffeine asap. So, when I heard of the chemex, I was a little hesitant. Why would I bother trying something that required more energy? Why deviate from my current routine???

But I did it. I bought one. Because part of me really needed to know what the hype is all about. I needed to know if it really could make my coffee taste any better. I needed to know if I was missing out on something amazing. 

I went with the small 1-3 cup pint sized one. 

The chemex its self looks pretty neat. I love the steam lined look of it. And the wood piece around the neck works really nicely as a handle. 

The filters were a little strange to me. Having to fold my own filter seemed like a pain, and the type of filters you buy at the grocery store won't work. You have to buy the fancy filters, but they aren't really that much more expensive it just means you have to order them ahead of time. Its possible that they sell them in stores, but none of the ones around me don't. 

So I followed the directions and I folded the filter up and put it into my pretty new chemex

You then put the coffee in, and then enough water to wet the grounds, and then you wait 30 seconds before adding anymore water. This apparently lets the ground bloom, whatever that means. 

Then you add more water, keeping the water level an inch or so below the top of the chemex. 

That little bump on the glass is supposed to be the full mark. 

I always seem to fill mine a little higher than you're supposed to, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

I found that in my normal coffee cup the chemex makes me about 1.5 cups of coffee. With all the effort I wish I had gone with the bigger size. It would be nice to make more cups all at once.

The chemex claims that it makes great coffee, without any bitterness. And its true. My coffee really does taste fantastic. I love it. 

I don't know that I will be replacing my keurig completely, because honestly I don't have the time to make coffee with the chemex every day, and there is no way that Im going to get up earlier just to make it. I do love it though. My normal coffee tastes better in it, and its worth the effort. 

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick

I had seen the Melted lipstick by Too Faced ($21) and wanted to try it for the longest time. It just looked fun, and who doesnt love a fun lipstick? I finally gave in and purchased one from Ulta.

The packaging is nice. It doesnt really look like lipstick, more like a lip gloss, but still. I love it, the packaging that is. 

The applicator is a nice velvet tip. Its really soft. This goes on easily. Its really easy to get it precisely where you want it to be. 

There's no smell, or flavor to this, which seems pretty normal for a lipstick. Though the glossy formula had me expecting something. 

I picked Melted Berry for my shade which is described as a berry red. To me its not really red at all. Its got more of a purple color. 

The description on Sephora's website states "The shine of a gloss, lasting power of a stain, and pigment-packed color of a liquid lipstick, all in one high-impact formula. Bold, long-wearing color glides on cleanly with the precision tip applicator, delivering rich color with staying power." 

It is definitely shiney, and has a ton of pigment. I found that I was able to put a thin layer on for lighter color, or I could layer it on thicker and end up with a deeper color, which is really nice. I didnt find that it was long lasting at all though. I found that it wore off extremely quickly, even when all I was doing was talking, not eating or drinking. My lipsticks that dont claim to be long lasting wear better than this.

I also had a lot of issues with feathering, and always seemed to end up with lipstick on my chin. I'm not really sure how the lipstick managed to migrate all the way down my face, but it seemed to. 

I wore this lipstick several times because I love the color, and I love how quickly I can put it on. But I dont think that I will be buying it again, which has me kind of sad. I really wanted to love this lipstick but it just didnt wear well at all. I dont have the patience to constantly check if there's lipstick on my chin. And I dont want to go around all day looking like either I dont know where my lips are or like a clown. 

Maybe my next lipstick test will go better. I really want to find a liquid lipstick that I like, if only because the liquid seems to apply easier. And generally requires no liner.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Working Out Is Hard

I'm finding that working out is a whole lot harder than I had thought it was going to be. I has assumed that I could write down a plan and then I would just do it. But I have found that its really not that easy. It should be, and it would be great if it was but it really isn't. My list of excuses is pretty long, and it seems that every day I add more to the list of reasons why I just cant do it.

Lets see here I cant workout because:

1. I just ate.
2. I'm tired.
3. I just showered.
4. I'm hungry.
5. I have chores to do.
6. I have to check my e-mail.
7. I have work to do.
8. I need to check the mail.
9. The kids want to go to the park.
10. The cats want to play.
11. I have to clean out the fridge.

Ive even chosen to fold laundry over working out, which says how far I go to avoid it. Normally I will do anything to get out of having to fold laundry. Its the one chore that I really really don't ever want to do it, but Ive chosen it over working out. It seems extremely easy to come up with reasons why I should just skip my workout and do something else. I always promise myself that I'm going to do the workout the next day, or that Ill do it later, and I almost never follow through. Its just so much easier to do anything else. 

I still haven't figured out why I keep avoiding it. I just do. Its hard work. I want to be in shape. I want to take better care of myself. Theres so many reasons why I want, and need to work out and get in shape. I'm so over weight and I need to take better care of myself. I want to do this. I hate that I always get side tracked. I hate that I always say that I'm going to do it and that I always let myself down. I'm not proud of the fact that I don't do it. 

I'm starting over, again. This probably wont be the last time that I fall off wagon and then have to start over. I'm learning that the failure is part of the journey though. I have to keep trying and I have to keep moving forward. I have to do this. This time I already have my schedule made, and Ive already thought of my excuses and the reason that they aren't valid. I'm hoping that Ive done a better job of setting myself up for success this time. 

So heres to starting over. 


As of July 30th my measurements were:

Waist- 49inches
Chest- 39 inches
Left Arm- 14 inches
Right Arm- 13.5 inches
Left Thigh- 27.5 inches
Right Thigh- 27.5 inches
Hips- 48 inches
Weight- 187.8lbs

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Kat Von D Monarch Palette Review and Swatches

I recently purchased the Monarch Eyeshadow Palette by Kat Von D from Sephora ($46). I'm a sucker for pretty packaging, and this one definitely caught my eye. Its just so pretty.

The palette itself feels very sturdy. Its not flimsy at all, which is a good thing. I feel like I could drop it and it would hold up pretty well. I dont have to worry about it getting bumped around if I put it in a drawer, because its solid and wouldnt end up broken. 

See how pretty it is? Its just eye catching. 

The back of the box that the palette came in has the names of the eye shadows listed. I do wish that the names were also printed on the inside of the palette, since I know that I wont keep the box. 

The inside of the palette has a mirror, in case you need to fix your makeup on the go, which is a nice feature. I rarely seem to use the mirrors that come on my makeup products, but its nice to have the option in case I need it. 

The shadows are all richly pigmented, and have a nice creamy formula. When I applied them they went on with ease. It didnt take more than a swipe to get a solid amount of color. They also blended with ease. 

From top to bottom: Entomology (matte), Telepathy (super shimmer), Tiny Death (slight sparkle)

These three colors are extremely light base colors. They were intended to be used as bases, and they work great for that.

Top to bottom: Wrath, Papilio, Summerfly, Killing Jar, Delaney

These five shades are all shimmer shadows. They're light, but easily layered if you want a more intense look. 

Top to bottom: Vanish, Disintegration, Shadow Box, Deadhead

These shadows are all matte, except disintegration which has a slight shimmer to it. They're more pigmented than the shimmer shadows. 

Overall I love this palette. It has some great colors, and they all go well together. I love that they seem to stay on pretty well, and they are easy to blend. They also dont seem to flake the way other shadows do. 

Until Next Time,