Monday, April 13, 2015

Randoms Gummies!

Awhile ago a friend of mine told me to join Smiley360. I did, but didn't really understand it. I mean she told me that she was always receiving free samples to try out, and she was constantly posting pictures of the things she received. I thought that was pretty awesome, but I didn't seem to be receiving anything. At all. But I kept checking, and doing the things the website asked me too.

Then, one day I received a mission, and got a free sample of Randoms Gummies in the mail! I was extremely excited to have gotten something to try.

My box of awesome!

Normally these aren't the type of candy that I would buy. I usually prefer either sour, or chocolate, but they were free, and so I tried them. And they were pretty good. They taste like fruit snacks, which was nice. They aren't too sweet and they come in all sorts of different shapes. The shapes are actually really fun. Not your typical gummy candy. I let my 4 year old have a few of them as a treat and she was so excited about the shapes, and loved them. 

I also put them out at a party recently, but not many people seemed to eat them. I think that they are more geared towards younger people, not adults. Which is okay. They aren't too sweet, and for being a candy there is slightly fewer calories and less sugar, which is always a plus. 

I don't see myself going to the store specifically to purchase these, but I wouldn't turn them down. I can see my daughter picking them for a special treat occasionally. 

Overall, I would give these 4 out of 5 stars. 

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