Monday, April 20, 2015

Walgreens VoxBox

Recently I received a VoxBox from Influenster. This to me is pretty exciting. I love getting mail. And I love free stuff. That makes a voxbox perfect! For those of you who don't know, a VoxBox is what calls the box of free goodies that they send out. Influenster is a review website where consumers (you and me!) can go an leave feedback on all the products that we use. Randomly they send out surveys that you take, which then allow you to receive voxboxes. In order to join you have to be invited (leave your email in the comments if you'd like an invite).

I've been part of influenster for 2 or 3 years now and have received some pretty cool boxes. I think the Mary Kay was my favorite. Anyways, back to my latest box. This box is called the Walgreens box, and inside there were two full sized products. When I was emailed that I was getting the box I didn't know which products I would be getting. Once I got the box I was excited because I got 2 products that I actually want to try, instead of one I can't use (there was a shampoo / conditioner for wavy hair, which my pixie cut doesn't need).


First I received Dove go fresh Revitalize Body Wash in mandarin and tiare flower scent. The smell is a little over powering when you first open the bottle. Its definitely orange. I don't know that I would pick this scent in the future just because its really strong when I'm showering with it. It doesn't seem to leave much of a smell after you rinse off, which is good. This body wash lathers extremely well, which is always a good thing for me. I love having a nice bubbly lather. I felt nice and clean after using this, which is always important for a body wash. 

It claims to be moisturizing, and it wash, but not as much as I had been hoping. I still felt dry afterwards. Of course this could just be because I have crazy dry skin. It did make me slightly less dry, but not to the point that I would buy the product for the moisturizing effects. Overall I like this body wash, and would most likely buy it in the future. 

The second product that I received was Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum, Advanced Relief. Now this I loved. Seriously its a great product. It leaves my skin feeling soft, and not dry at all. Best of all, it lasts. I can put it on after my shower and I'm done, good to go till the next shower. It doesn't have a strong odor, or really one at all. I like that there isn't a scent because I like to smell like my perfume, not all sorts of other things mixed in. I used this lotion on both of my kids and it left their skin soft as well. Also, a little bit of it went a long way, which means that one bottle will last me for a while. I know that I will be purchasing this in the future. Its a 5 out of 5 for me. Love it.

Overall I loved my Walgreen VoxBox from Influenster. I received 2 products for free, and liked both of them. 

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