Thursday, August 20, 2015

Nadine West August 2015

Nadine West is a clothing subscription service. Nadine West is completely free, unless you keep an item. You only pay for what you keep. There is no subscription fee or anything else. Each month you are sent 1 top, and 2 pieces of jewelry. The prices for each item varies, but I have yet to see something more than $25, which makes it pretty affordable for the most part. 

It comes in pretty pink package, just like Ipsy does. 

Inside your outfit is wrapped in pretty pink tissue paper. 

This month I received a pair of purple, green, and silver earrings. They were very cute, but not something I can ever see myself wearing. They kind of reminded me of an easter egg. I sent them back. 

This turquoise necklace was gorgeous, but again, not something I can see myself wearing. So I didnt keep it either. 

This pink top was very cute. Extremely thin but cute. 

I especially loved the back detail. It was way too small in the arms though. I felt like my arms were going to fall off it was so tight. I was extremely sad to have to send it back because it was so nice. 

My second shirt was also very cute. I do feel that a tank top in August was a little strange. I've been packing up all of my summer stuff since were getting into fall, and so I couldnt see spending any money on a tank top.

It did have really cute back detail as well, but it was a tad bit too short for me. 

This month I didnt keep anything. There just wasnt anything that fit right, or was my style. I'm hoping that next month I'll get something that I can actually keep. This was the first month that I had ever received two shirts, and I kind of liked it. It was nice having a second chance to find something that I was really going to like. 

I enjoy getting my Nadine West package every month, though I do wish that I would actually get some items that I like. It feels like I give feedback every month, and yet I still dont receive anything that really fits my style. I am hoping that once winter comes I start getting things that I like. I'm a sucker for a cute sweater. 

I definitely think that Nadine West is worth at least trying, considering that its free if you dont like anything. And you at least have a chance to try something that you normally wouldnt pick out for yourself. I'll continue receiving mine for a couple more months at least. 

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